Wednesday, December 16, 2009

As I Wait

So I have completed my new cd project; the writing, the arranging, the recording. It’s done. I have done my job. And now, I wait. The tunes have been passed on to the mixing and mastering man (preparing the master CD for the duplication house) and the artwork has been passed to the designer man (preparing the package for the duplication house). And now, I wait. Recording is not an easy process for me, never has been, but waiting, with things out of my control, is worse. I say, “I need this done and ready for delivery by xx/xx/xx.” They say, “Sure, no problem, eaaaasy. It’ll be done, probably sooner.” xx/xx/xx is fast approaching and not a word. And now, I wait. What do I do now? Start my blog (finally), chew on my nails (left hand only), swear, wander around the house, chart out my NEXT cd project, holiday shopping, eat comfort food, doubt everything, love everything, clean the house, hang out at my daughter’s school, exchange text messages with my wife, practice, listen to music. I call my audio engineer, send e-mail to my designer. Not a word. xx/xx/xx is fast approaching and I cannot control time, in fact, at the moment, I cannot control anything. And so, I wait.

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