Friday, January 29, 2010

One man. One guitar. Many moods. Here is my new CD.

Project Summary:

Floating Feather Music is pleased to introduce, Many Moods, the fourth solo CD by Minnesota based finger-style guitarist, Ben Woolman. His latest effort offers the listener a diverse mix of musical genres ranging from the 1920s through the present century. In a sense, it is a nod to the history of finger-style guitar as well as an example of contemporary development of the style. This cosmopolitan collection features 8 original compositions and 3 arrangements with melodies hinting at the regional influences of: Latin America, Africa, Ireland, Eastern Europe, and the US, and evoking colors of: sunshine, sorrow, soul, funky, energy, joy, drama, and hope. Not since his debut CD, Lost in Density, has there been such a comprehensive representation of his abilities; a pleasant intermingling of diverse musical influences which in turn showcase his virtuosic skill and range of musical expression. It is a fine balance between intellect and intuition. According to Ben, "This project comes the closest to representing the many aspects of who I am as a player. It is a very personal statement with a splash of academia. Get to know this music and you will get to know me."

The Facts:

Male, 5 foot 10 inches, 39 years old, father, husband, musician, basement dweller, Minnesota proud, 15 year professional, 10 fingers, 10 toes, sensitive soul, big heart.

The Process:

Many Moods was recorded by the artist, alone, for the first time, in his basement studio. Says Woolman, "The time and space that was afforded with the independent process of recording at home was absolutely crucial in obtaining the results I wanted. With these luxuries, I was really able to control my environment and capture better performances in the studio more so than I ever have in my career. The result is a very intimate, natural, and transparent sound. There is no hiding on this record."

The Personnel:

Ben Woolman: All guitars, all music
Recorded and Produced by: Ben Woolman
Mixed and Mastered by: Tim Snow
Friends and trusted ears: Tim Buzza, Steve Digre, Dan Schwartz
Photography and Design Concept: Rebecca Pavlenko
Design Layout: Jim Dryden

The Track List:

1. One Afternoon (3:32) - A simple happy tune written one afternoon.
2. Invisible Sun (3:27) - One of my favorite songs by The Police, arr. Woolman.
3. Sadie's Smile (3:45) - My daughter, her smile.
4. Mazurka Dance (4:19) - Conjuring the spirits of my Polish ancestors.
5. Picture of Romance (3:44) - Dedicated to my lovely wife.
6. Salamander Swing (3:39) - Me. I am a Salamander.
7. Me, Myself, and You (3:24) - Wife and daughter sleeping upstairs, me in the basement writing.
8. Up and Back (4:01) - A reflection on progress.
9. Wicked Ascent (4:18) - Inspired by my climb of Mt. Whitney with my Father and Brother.
10. Blake Says (3:13) - An homage to the great guitarist, Blind Blake.
11. Legends of the Fall (5:12) - A gorgeous sweeping orchestral piece written by James Horner, arr.


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