Monday, May 24, 2010

What's Happenin'

Back in Buffalo 
I was lucky enough to spend three (all too quick) days visiting an old friend back in Buffalo, NY last week. It is one of those friendships that are quite divided by time and distance but remains close nonetheless. I flew in, played a quick featured set at a local open stage, yes, I flew 1000 miles to play at an open stage, not really, but it was just a last minute thing at the last minute. And, I will say what a blast it was! The place was packed (I know of no other such rockin' acoustic joint on a TUESDAY night in the Cities) and had a total rock club ambiance. I took the stage with no time to think (or sound check) and played my ass off. Somehow, I turned the surrounding noise into silence (because the patrons were listening NOT because they all left) until the end. This was an electric feeling I haven't felt in a while - playing out of my mind with a complete sense of abandonment. Many lessons to be learned here and I will expound on them in a later article.

The next two days we spent recording at a new friend's studio - I played secondary guitar on my buddy's developing vocal project entitled, Distant Songs. Again, a quick hit, but we definitely rounded out some beautiful sounds that day, we just need more time to really dig in. Hey, I guess the Internet and home project studios will have to fill in the gaps. His project definitely has some new momentum and I look forward to working on more tracks to see it all to it's conclusion. Additionally, I now have a new favorite guitar that is owned by someone else: A Martin 0-45S Stephen Still Limited Edition Guitar. It almost found it's way into my flight case, but no, thou shall not covet another man's guitar...or something. 

And then, we attended a solo Neil Young concert at the Shea's Buffalo Theatre. The venue? Stunning. Neil? Mesmerizing. I won't even attempt to describe such an ethereal experience, it's impossible, but it definitely has left a permanent etching on the inspired zone of my brain, and heart. As an unforeseen bonus to the night, Bert Jansch, one of the godfathers of finger-style guitar opened the show. So thrilled to add one more great to the 'seen live' list.

The LOST Finale
 Well, it was what it was and is what it is. I, like many millions, have been anticipating this for months. I have also, like many millions, gave up on this show months ago. If you went into this final program with no expectations to get any answers on most everything, like I did, then, I believe it was a very emotionally satisfying conclusion to one of the best TV series of all time. The final scene, particularly the final few seconds, were very powerful and so beautifully shot, I got a 'Six Feet Under' vibe from the whole thing. A visual elegy of sorts, still can't get the last image out of my mind. In the face of many critics near and far, I will say that final shot was brilliant. So there.

Embracing Summer
Summer is here. It is hot. I am embracing the warmth though it flies in the face of my natural state. However, I'll check back with you on this topic in July. Enjoy it and hold close the ones you love.

 Back In Buffalo (Leo Kottke)

We got out of Buffalo
Locked inside the plane
And underneath the clouds below
The weather turned to rain
The weather turned to rain

Sunlight blinded passenger
Staring down at fright
We said don't we love misery
Maybe we were right
Maybe we were right

Far above Lake Erie
We got lost on wine
We said we know what we're doing
But we had lost our minds
We had lost our minds

Ten more years on marley floors
We left that job to go
Back where people loved us once
We're back in Buffalo
We're back in Buffalo

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